Mikieda’s desire to continue producing fresh  styles has led to a vivacious third collection - even more daring, yet maintaining quality and class. The 2014/2015 Collection – WANDERLUST, draws it’s inspiration from The Cockleshell and Frigate Bay famous beaches of Saint Kitts. 

Each story in the collection expresses a journey of Caribbean lifestyle, iconic landscapes and resort living.  From coral patterns, stunning beach sunsets to the beautiful peacocks of Cockleshell, this seasons collection embodies the spirit of Saint Kitts' South East.

GLAMAZON - Collection 2011/2012: this collection was inspired the Amazon Rainforest, it consists of highly accessorized two-piece combinations using vibrant patterns and bold prints to compliment you in and out of the water. These styles have a deeper meaning than ‘just a bikini’. Each design holds a story and these stories have come from incredible experiences and cultures.

SUGAR N SPICE - Collection 2013/2014: When designing this collection, most of Mikieda’s days were spent on the back of a yacht in the crystal clear bays of . Its brilliant white beaches and turquoise waters with the exquisite, vibrant colours below provided abundant inspiration.