Caribbean based designer Mikieda Franklin has been involved in fashion and design from a very young age.

Starting at the tender age of seven modeling in local runway shows and pageant competition, she always had a passion for her own creations and a unique taste.

She started recreating her clothing out of absolutely anything she could find at just 13 years old. Ten years later, Mikieda moved on to designing and coordinating her own fashion shows. Now with extensive experience in graphic design as well as fashion design, Mikieda produces her own line of swimwear, which is rapidly expanding into a complete beach and resort wear collection.

Inspired by bright, sunny Caribbean days, ITSYBITSY’s sophisticated and flirtatious swimwear is quietly taking the Swimwear scene by storm. Mikieda always felt that living on a tropical island provides the perfect inspiration and expertise for designing swimwear. She feels there are so very few swimsuits available that combined good design, quality and style, in a way that suited her and those around her with similar tastes. This challenge, coupled with her intense entrepreneurial spirit, was the vision for ITSYBITSY Swimwear.

ItsyBitsy Swimwear gets its name from the famous song by Brian Hyland. 

Mikieda Franklin has spent the last five years working perfecting her swimwear line a, from the cut to the fabric choices to even the colors and prints. Each design telling a story, what results is a designer label of high end swimwear. She has targeted an exclusive niche market and focuses on exotic prints, each piece is designed using an exquisite combination of materials that are hand embellished. 

Each piece is designed using an exquisite combination of materials that are hand embellished, transforming the ITSYBITSY line into a luxurious cutting-edge swimwear product. We choose selective prints that are rarely seen anywhere else and our styles are limited.​​ 

As a former swimwear model, Mikieda recognized the difficulty in finding the perfect swimsuit for one’s body and decided something needed to be done without resorting to separates and full pieces.

ITSYBITSY’s cuts have been designed with every woman’s unique shape in mind to make you feel confident, comfortable and yet still sexy in the most up to date styles, cuts and fabrics. Our innovative approach to the modern bikini has captured the attention of women who are looking for that island vibe.